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For many people, SMSFs provide the most flexible and cost effective superannuation platform available in Australia today. However, without help, SMSFs can be complex and the rules can change regularly, so it can be hard to keep up with what you need to do.

Heffron and NAB have combined forces to bring you a complete SMSF package with everything you need to get started with your SMSF and run it effectively. This package brings together nearly 20 years SMSF experience with Heffron and a range of NAB's award winning investments to provide you with a comprehensive SMSF solution.

What's included?

NAB Cash Manager Account
  • No monthly account or transaction fees*
  • Competitive interest rate
  • Flexible cash solution for your SMSF
  • Online access through NAB internet banking
  • A competitive brokerage rate for your online trades
  • Trade domestic and international shares on the one platform
  • Access to over 10,000 global equities and exchange traded funds
  • A market leading rate on the nabtrade High Interest Account
  • Exclusive SMSF investing insights and strategies from industry experts
Heffron SMSF Establishment
  • SMSF establishment
  • Trust Deed & other legal documentation
  • Trustee company set-up (if applicable, additional fee will apply)
  • ATO registration
Heffron SMSF Administration
  • Preparation of financial statements, member statements and operating statements
  • Tax lodgement
  • Impartial third-party audit
  • Online access to all fund investments
  • Up to date reporting of contributions and pensions

How much does it cost?

The base fees for the offer are:
Service Do I need this?

New fund establishment includes:

  • Trust deed
  • Registration with the ATO
$495 one-off
Yes, all funds need this.

Corporate Trustee Set-up includes:

  • Legal documentation
  • ASIC registration fees
$715 one-off
Heffron recommends all new SMSFs establish a Corporate Trustee for a number of reasons.

Fund Administration includes:

  • Annual fund audit
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Tax preparation and lodgement
  • Real-time online financial reporting
$2,040 per annum
Yes, all funds need this.

Additional Services

Where your SMSF selects additional administrative services or purchases investments outside the standard offer, additional charges will apply.
Service Do I need this?

Pension Fund Administration

$540 per annum
This fee is only charged if your SMSF is providing a pension to one or more of the members. We charge an additional fee for pension funds because there is extra work involved each year, including calculating how much needs to be taken in pension payments, preparing additional documentation and tax reporting. We also monitor the pension payments during the course of the year to ensure that minimum pension payments are made.

Actuarial Certificates

$176 per annum
These are only required for pension funds which are still receiving contributions for some members. It’s a certificate that’s required to claim certain tax concessions.

Actuarial Certificates - Defined Benefits

$440 per annum
This is extremely rare. You will only need a defined benefit pension certificate if you have a particular type of pension established prior to 2005.

Quarterly Business Activity Statement

$540 per annum
Your fund will be automatically registered for GST and Heffron will lodge your Business Activity Statement (BAS) annually. This is covered in the standard fees above. Sometimes funds are required to lodge a BAS every quarter and if so, an additional fee will apply. This is generally only the case if the fund has commercial property.

Non-NAB Bank Account

$240 per annum
This offer comes with a NAB Cash Manager Account already set-up for you. If you want your SMSF to use a different cash account, there is an additional charge.

Non-NAB Trading Platform

$480 per annum
This service comes with a nabtrade account already set-up for you. If you want your SMSF to use a different trading platform, there is an additional charge.

Other assets that require manual data entry
into our accounting systems

$300 per annum, per asset
Most investments such as bank accounts, share trading accounts etc. can provide information to Heffron electronically via an automated overnight data transfer. Where your SMSF invests in an asset that cannot provide this, there is an additional charge to cover the work involved in manually processing transactions and updating valuations. Assets which do not have an automatic flow of transaction information include collectibles, property, private companies, private trusts, managed funds and certain bank accounts and term deposits.

Technical Support

$300 per hour
Heffron have extensive SMSF experience and a wealth of knowledge and expertise. We understand that not everyone needs or wants support or may only need it for certain areas of their SMSF. For this reason we haven’t made it a compulsory fee, it may be purchased ad-hoc if and when required.

What other SMSF services does Heffron offer?

Heffron offers a range of other services which can be purchased for an additional fee. Please view our Document Services website if you would like to request any of these services.